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The Metatainment Group is an integrated solutions and development brain trust that creates unique AR/VR content. Its focus is building cutting edge platforms for various industries including Real Estate, E-shopping, PTSD, Meditation, Music, and Sports Training. Meta learning is “the process by which learners become aware of and increasingly in control of habits of perception, inquiry, learning, and growth that they have internalized”.

Our team leverages true meta learning through innovative industry-leading AR/VR/MR platforms with exceptional performance, value and quality. Meta platforms are designed to leverage scientifically verified research as the basis for innovative integrated solutions. We are focused on revolutionizing the way people learn and interact with the world, while remaining dedicated to continuous improvements in maximizing the results of our development process and ingenuity. We strive to provide the best team practices, platform designs and innovations in the market; delivering excellence while maximizing monetizing of project values.

The Future of mindfulness. Interactive VR Therapeutic worlds driven by immersive guided meditation and biofeedback.
Meta Medical VR
Safe and effective non-invasive digital therapy solutions across the Health Care industry for patients, staff and visitors.
Global Virtual Tour production platform, with a GPS back-end that matches jobs with a network of 1099 photographers for automatic dispatch.
Leveraging the scientifically demonstrated substantial improvements VR brings seniors. A turn-key leased package of VR equipment and proprietary content for seniors that reduces pain, Alzheimer's symptoms, depression and loneliness; while boosting mental and physical well being.
Zen Dental VR
Digital VR therapies for pain and anxiety reduction in dental facilities. Use: waiting rooms, during procedures, take home model for safe post procedure relief, staff use during office breaks.
Premium automobile and dealership virtual tours that allow customers to remotely explore dealerships and vehicle inventory as if they were there in person.

Michael Berman

A serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of C-level management and production experience. Highlights include a career in broadcast/production and advertising; founded/created multiple ventures/ businesses including: executing sales and marketing campaigns for early stage products/ development; diverse market industry segments; business process re-engineering consulting; software development; property developer; founder of medical device distribution co.

Matthew Widmer

A serial entrepreneur with 17 years of IT and developmental research in multiple technology sectors. Experience in proprietary Crestron full house automation programming design, technology project architecture, management and research, project design, UI, UX and programming, team leader & training, website design, 360 video production, drone pilot. 

Thomas R Shane


Tom founded Business Strategy Group in 1993 to leverage his combination of business, legal and entrepreneurial experience and skills. After graduating from Boston College, cum laude, Tom obtained his JD from Suffolk Law School and his MBA from Babson College. Tom was the co-founder, vice chairman and general counsel for Leading Edge Products, Inc., a pioneer in computer manufacturing that popularized the IBM clone strategy and which set the trend for the growth of the computer industry. After his tenure at Leading Edge, Tom founded Shane & Paolillo in 1988, at its peak a firm of 46 attorneys on both coasts, in which Tom specialized in litigation & corporate law. Tom has founded, operated and sold multiple companies including Wig Flair, acquired by US Industries (billion dollar public conglomerate), Faded Glory, acquired by a Hong Kong private equity group, Pioneer IBM clone marketer, (buyer NDA), and Shane and Paolillo, acquired by separate law firms in two of the three major cities it had offices.