Car VR Tours LLC Investment Opportunity


Car VR Tour LLC (Delaware) was formed in January of 2017 by Michael Berman and Matthew Widmer. Prior to formation the principles pioneered capturing dealership showrooms and individual automobiles using state of the art 3D Virtual Tour technology viewable on any device. Our proprietary exclusive automobile 3D Virtual Tour technology and platform allows for unmatched production quality and global scalability. The Car VR Tour mobile capture app works on Iphones and android platforms and facilitates automated capturing, post production and delivery of tours for our service team and dealerships who film themselves, in our self service model. The team designed and developed a digital engagement lead generation platform built directly into the Virtual Tours, dealership websites and digital marketing campaigns.

In Sept of 2017 the company secured an EXCLUSIVE GLOBAL AGREEMENT with CDK Global and General Motors to become the only approved vendor to provide virtual tours to over 8,000 North American and 28,000 global dealerships. The company conducted a comprehensive study of current buying habits and a deep competitive analysis to understand the company’s position in the market relative to competition, pricing and adoption. A team of 60+ VR Tour experts across the U.S. were secured and trained to socialize and capture the Car VR Tour projects.

Recently Car VR Tour was awarded the 2019 Innovation Technology Award and the 2019 Best Practices Award in the global automotive category from Frost and Sullivan; an international research and market consulting firm. Download the Award PDF @ 


  • 60 US based VR tour providers in place to cover initial inquiries and early adopters
  • Initial proof of concept verified
  • Positioned for soft launch- roll out-expansion
  • Positioned as Premiere CDK Global Exclusive Partner
  • National/Global CDK & General Motors reps prepared to socialize premiere partnership to dealers
  • $60K invested to date. No debt


  • Development of comprehensive business plan
  • Scaling and replicating the sales pipeline (domestic and global)
  • Further product development and refinements
  • Facilitate operational optimization and further roll out
  • Fund infrastructure for support and post production
  • Talent acquisition
  • Equipment
  • Regional Expansion
  • Initiate PR and marketing efforts
  • Advance relationships with CDK, General Motors and others


  • Exclusive provider to CDK Global/GM for all vehicle virtual tours and dealer showrooms
  • Transformative technology on the cusp of mass-commercialization
  • 2/3 of buyers want virtual tour remote viewing when shopping
  • Profitable high-growth recurring revenue business model
  • Large enterprise customer-partner poised to accelerate growth
  • Fragmented and outdated competitive landscape – ripe for disruption
  • Leveraging Big Data and AI customer interactions
  • Proven solution based on extensive proprietary process
  • Experienced leadership in commercializing of Digital Offerings
  • 1,000+ hours of design and development completed

FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT see attached Cash flow attached at bottom.


  • Cadillac of Norwood: 35+ Single Vehicle Virtual Tours (POC)
  • Robert Brogden Buick GMC: 2018 Showroom & Single Vehicle tours completed
  • Cadillac of Norwood: 2018 Showroom Tour Completed
  • Principles Invited to Cadillac HQ SOHO NYC to meet with Director of Digital Marketing


1) Single Vehicle Interior/Exterior VR Tour (With Video Integration)

2) Car Dealership Showroom VR Tour (With Video Integration)