RealTView Executive Summary

Company Overview:
RealTView Technologies LLC is the developer and owner of the RTV Application and technology platform. Our smartphone application connects customers and VR Service Providers to create Virtual Tours for the Real estate and Business markets. The RealTView™ model can be easily replicated, allowing for rapid expansion while providing independent 1099 jobs/and career opportunities for 1000’s.™ leverages existing cutting edge technology with an integrated HW/SW/SAAS bundle that is rented/licensed as a complete “turn-key” solution with additional value created from customization, consulting, training, implementation and a sales lead referral program.

Current Status:
Sept 2016 launched. We have built our sales pipeline and production models for building unmatched residential and commercial 3D virtual tours.  Currently Operational, includes web/mobile sites/existing customer’s/ repeat business/outside sales providers/ client P2P Platform.  Ready to scale rapidly to other markets; ongoing refinements development/includes over 125 websites/ready to launch through the US/ ongoing refinement of Phase I > migration> Phase II. Finished 2016 cash positive no debt. Current run rate approx. 7k per month
Pre-launch (POC) proof of concept
Sales and Marketing:
Our test market participants included: Hamilton Realty, Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway, and various landlords, brokers and business throughout the Northeast.   We continue to grow and leverage our existing customer base, utilizing word of mouth, social media etc; simultaneously recruiting independent VR service providers for delivery of the company’s services within their respective regions.

Executive Summary
The boundaries between what we have known as ‘reality’ and ‘virtual reality’ are rapidly collapsing. An experience online is as meaningful to many as an experience in the physical world. And both can interact with each other. Virtual reality allows people to experience a brand’s offering in a real and visceral way that other media cannot equal. It can transport people to a stadium, a holiday destination or a shop. It can do this with animation or real video. It can even do this in real-time with live streaming. The possibilities for selling experiences, educating and entertainment are endless. Marketers can utilize virtual reality right now as part of a brand strategy. Virtual reality is an opportunity every brand should take advantage of. VR is still at an emergent stage, but it is beginning to gain serious traction, not just with tech entrepreneurs, investors and early adopters, but with the likes of major film studios. The adoption of the 3 D tours for Real Estate is the market space where the company is focused

What business are we in?
We” rent” an “equipment package” bundled with a software user license. The equipment is used to produce Virtual tours for Real estate and Businesses. We provide a “Licensed Platform” for “RTV Service providers” to deliver professional VR tours to end users. We built an advanced stable platform that is “designed for replication”. We have also fully developed prepackaged modules, training and support.

How does it work?
In cities where RealTView LLC operates and as we roll out, the “RTV Application” and “Platform” will allow the Service provider access to a personal calendar where customers’ requests for VR service are logged in. When the customer books a VR project, the RTV provider may accept the requested appointment for VR Services. The app displays info about the project requirements and directions to the project site. The application also notifies the customer of acceptance of the project and approximate arrival on site.

Essentially we set RTV Providers up to operate as their own entity, they agree to service the projects we may provide at a fixed fee, the company provides access via the RTV Application to provide VR Services via license of the Application.  (Sound like Uber?)

RealTView has developed relationships and “agreements” in place with Realtors throughout the country where we provide turnkey VR tour production services.  The RTV Application provides access to ongoing and available work. At the same time, providers may go and generate work from prospects in their area or anywhere they are willing to travel.

The VR Service Provider may be responsible for selling Virtual Reality Tours and providing services within an assigned geographic territory. The primary objective of this opportunity is introducing VR to acquire new customers. Working independently, they manage all steps of the customer acquisition process. There are no set requirements or sales quotas.

What we offer to RTV Service Providers, what does the License/Rental Fee cover?
We are offering a complete turnkey package that is fully financed. We have bundled a complete package that includes a state if the art camera from Matterport with all of the other equipment that is required to perform and execute a VR tour.  We offer training, support, a complete back end platform with a virtual office to help manage appointments, logistics and all payments and finance.  RTV Providers get paid weekly based on work performed. We also supply the marketing materials, collaterals, and email campaigns.

How do we make money?
The company derives revenue from many sources. Entrepreneurs and forward minded, educated about the market, individuals will pay the bargain price of $2500 to enter this early but explosive market. RealTView LLC bundles the equipment package and charges an upfront fee which covers 25% of the equipment cost. On a monthly basis we collect a license/rental fee for each use of the camera. We also share revenue with the providers for the fees associated with each VR Tour.  (see financial projections for additional revenue sources)

Size of market opportunity:
RealTView LLC is primary focused on servicing the real estate market and providing tours for businesses.

  •         5,250,000 existing homes were sold in 2015, according to data from the National Association of REALTORS®. 510,000 new construction homes were sold in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  •         27% of agents and 21% of brokers spent between $501 – $2,000 on technology in the last 12 months.
  •         The top three tools that respondents plan on purchasing or replacing in the next year are: iPad (16%); Smartphone (15%); and digital camera (12%).
  •         The most frequently used operating system is Windows 7 (38%).
  •         The most popular smartphones are iPhone (52%), Android OS (45%), Blackberry (3%).
  •         91% of REALTORS® use social media to some extent.
  •         The top places where REALTORS® place their listings are®, Zillow and Trulia.

              2013-2015 REALTOR® Technology Survey

Michael Berman, Chairman/CEO –is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of C-level management and production experience. Highlights include a career in broadcast/production and advertising; founded/created multiple ventures/ businesses including: executing sales and marketing campaigns for early stage products/ development; diverse market industry segments; business process re-engineering consulting; software development; property developer; founder of medical device distribution co.

Matt Widmer, President/CTO – is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of IT and developmental research in multiple technology sectors. Experience in proprietary Crestron full house automation programming design/ project architecture, management and research/ programming/ customer training/ web site design/ video production/ drone filming.

  • Reasonable Business Plan/Defensible Projections
  • Commercially Ready/High Growth
  • Scalable/Capital Efficient
  • Proof of Market/Proof of Concept
  • Large Market Opportunity
  • Low Risk/High Upside
  • Exit in 3-5 yrs.