Private Investment Opportunity
   Meditainment VR™

Company Overview:
Introducing Meditainment VR™, the first VR brainwave entrainment self help, meditation and hypnosis platform that alleviates stress, anxiety, depression and many others symptoms automatically. Leveraging proven scientific techniques, our proprietary biofeedback platform monitors the emotions and responses of each user to build individual specific VR treatment sessions. Users engage with interactive VR worlds that represent the imagery of guided meditation sessions, unlocking the ability for real time therapeutics within the VR space.

How Does It Work?
Our automatic biofeedback platform is able to instantly detect a user’s level of stress, focus, excitement, relaxation, interest, engagement and heart rate. The science of the VR platform leverages the proven therapies of Brainwave Entrainment Meditations and Powerful Subliminals. Our biofeedback program utilizes inexpensive wristbands and EEG brain monitoring headsets to achieve significant measured results. These therapy technologies have been studied and verified by top universities and scientific journals over the past three decades.

Users can choose from a list of relaxing beautiful VR worlds that virtually  re-create visual representations and self help imagery of the guided meditation sessions. The biofeedback system and VR immersion are able to monitor a user’s brain changes and activity during each session. This provides unmatched “feedback driven customizations” of treatment sessions specific to each individual user.

The platform will provide website accounts for each user to track their biofeedback data, such as timeline graphs showing the success and changes in brainwave activity for each session. Users will also be able to replay graphical timelines showcasing the changes in brain activity during each recorded session.

The Science:
Human brain waves operate at specific frequency HZ ranges: Delta, Alpha, Theta, Beta, Gamma. Each brainwave range helps facilitate specific mental functions while synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain. For example, when we sleep our brain goes into delta, when we relax it goes to alpha, when we focus it changes to beta and theta. Our content is proven to entrain the brain to achieve any of these specific brainwave states on demand while teaching the brain to easily reach similar brainwave states in the future on it’s own.

Brainwave entrainment creates bilateral brain hemisphere synchronization within the same brainwave range. Connecting both spheres of your brain with brainwave entrainment has been shown to produce much higher state of mental capabilities and
therapeutic effects that have been proven in hundreds of peer reviewed studies.

The hundreds of peer reviewed primary research articles from top science journals and universities have thoroughly studied the effects of brainwave entrainment. The overall results of these studies showed ‘Significant’ benefits treating cognitive functioning deficits, ADHD, stress, pain, insomnia, addiction, headache/migraines, fatigue, athletic performance, PTSD, behavioral problems and many other ailments. These studies on brainwave entrainment have been done at top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Duke University and other as well as published in top scholarly publications such as the prestigious Nature Journal, Journal of Neurotherapy, World Journal of Neuroscience, Neuropsychobiology journal as well as hundreds of others. This science has passed the peer reviewed experimentation and sniff tests for decades.

What We Offer:
The platform revolutionizes meditation and self help by implementing biofeedback driven therapies infused with the benefits of VR Immersion and pain reduction. Meditainment VR leverages an all-in-one platform advancing meditation with VR innovation, while integrating therapies such as Color Strobing and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) into the virtual experience itself. The platform will be unmatched on the current market and raises the bar for modern meditation well into the 21st century.

The dynamic range of Meditainment VR experiences and self help technologies allows strong marketing value to billions of individuals who suffer from 20+ categories such as: anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, Sleep issues, weight loss, athletic performance, focus & motivation, lack of confidence, stop smoking etc.

How do we make money

We have development proprietary acquired and licensed full rights to leverage various libraries to be used  within the VR platform in a monthly subscription model. Currently over 70+ titles to choose from, creating over 600 unique session combinations instantly available to each user.

The following pricing model is based upon the QPR (Quality Price Ratio ) which in this case  translates to High Value. The ability to track and get recommendations that help users achieve the best results from self help is invaluable and should convert to high interest and repeated use.

All packages have full access to the entire session library, however users who purchase the $109 HR Wristband or $299 EEG headset will be able to subscribe to the 2nd and 3rd tier monthly packages. We will seek to become a distributor for both products in order to increase our margins.

  • $9.99 /month (Platform with No biofeedback – Easy manual selection of  therapeutic tracks / VR Scenes from within app)
  • $14.99 /month (Platform with Tier 1 and Smell, Heat, Wind, Water immersion and Wristband Heart Rate Biofeedback Support)
  • $19.99 /month (Platform with Tier 1, 2 and EEG Biofeedback Support)

Metatainment Development Group is a Think Tank, Brain Trust that creates unique AR/VR content. Its focus is building cutting edge platforms for various industries including Real Estate, E-shopping, PTSD, Meditation, Music, and Sports Training.

The Meditainment VR platform. will utilize Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Vive, VR technology, Garmin heart rate Sensors with Muse EEG biofeedback.

Current Status: Pre-launch (POC) proof of concept:

Our 1st version of the VR platform allows users to select different 3D VR calming worlds and then choose which Track they want to use within that space.

The upcoming release will include the integration of the proprietary biofeedback platform coded to work in parallel with brainwave entrainment and meditation media. A first to market interactive guided meditation platform will provide therapeutic interactions with the VR world and environments that embody the imagery of specific meditations. Multi-User meditation sessions allow friends and family to join in on shared experiences, including live guides.  Personal information about how each user responds to meditation sessions is stored and used to create dynamic new experiences catered towards the interactions and imagery that is most effective on an individual basis. Users can monitor their performance and positive impacts using the system over time.

Size of market opportunity:

Currently there are 171 Million Users who already have VR glasses. For others, entry level VR Glasses that work with smartphones are currently priced at $15 – $99. Standalone VR headsets are coming to market for $200 without the need of a phone, however, 90% of our market share already has a smartphone. Currently there are only 400 VR apps worldwide on the oculus platform, none of which offer scientific therapy treatments. We are the first app of it’s kind in the birth of the VR market, which is projected to grow to the size of the current smartphone and PC markets.

Current Research/Market size and opportunity:

  1. “Spending money on personal improvement is money well spent. Decisively, 94% agreed. Self-improvement, they said emphatically, is a worthwhile investment. Surprisingly, respondents 55-64-years-old (33%) demonstrated greater purchase intentions toward self-improvement apps than either the 35-44 (23%) or 25-34 (26%) age groups.”
  2. “This study examines the $9.6 billion market for motivational “self-improvement” programs and products that seek to improve us physically, mentally, financially or spiritually. The study analyzes market segments/structure, the market’s $ size/growth (2003-2018 forecast), the shift to Internet delivery of content, customer demographics, in-depth profiles of 40 top motivational speakers (Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Phil McGraw, Dr. Laura, Brian Tracy, Suze Orman, Tom Hopkins, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar, many others), top 100 infomercials for 2009-2013, 2015 status reports of the U.S. weight loss market, and more. New chapter covering Internet money-making “mastery” courses/”academies”/programs. Interviews with market leaders.”–services-289121641.html
  3. “Self-improvement represents a $10 billion per year industry in the U.S. alone. In addition to high revenues, self-help also has a high recidivism rate, with the most likely purchaser of a self-help book being the same person who purchased one already in the last 18 months.–services-289121641.html  
  4. The New Statesman’s Barbara Gunnell forecasts a secure future for positive psychology, noting that “never has an age been so certain that it deserves not just freedom from distress, but positive well-being” and that “the worried well with a belief in their right to feel good are a lucrative market.”

Investment risk analysis

  • Reasonable Business Plan/Defensible Projections
  • Commercially Ready/High Growth
  • Scalable/Capital Efficient
  • Proof of Market/Proof of Concept
  • Large Market Opportunity
  • Low Risk/High Upside

Meditainment VR:

Michael Berman, Chairman/CEO –is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of C-level management and production experience. Highlights include a career in broadcast/production and advertising; founded/created multiple ventures/ businesses including: executing sales and marketing campaigns for early stage products/ development; diverse market industry segments; business process re-engineering consulting; software development; property developer; founder of medical device distribution co.

Matt Widmer, President/CTO – is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of IT and developmental research in multiple technology sectors. Experience in proprietary Crestron full house automation programming design/ project architecture, management and research/ programming/ customer training/ website design/ video production/ drone filming.